How can you create and disseminate new wealth fairly and in accordance with the Paris agreement on climate change?
How can you envisage future economic scenarios through a rigorous method capable of guiding decision makers?
How electric cars impact environment, health and work?
How the Green New Deal could affect Italy and Europe?


How can you use cultural mediation to create environment-conscious alliances?
How food shapes our cities?
What is the role of social innovation in changes of consumption models and food economies?
How soil quality and food systems are interconnected?
How do you measure and evaluate the sustainability of all the above?


How can you use cultural mediation to create environment-conscious alliances?
How can you embed culture into economics in support of the publishing industry?
How can public history guide us to make decisions for the present? How can cultural economy enhance our territories?
What cultural forms can better communicate sustainability issues?

cities and territories

How new ways of living shape the city?
How social innovation and digital technology are shaping neighborhoods and the relations among cities?
What is the role of history and cultures in the evolution of the cities? How energy and goods flows impact cities? How can you improve urban metabolism through circular economy?
What policies do you need to manage all dimensions of urban sustainability?

EStà answers those questions through research, training and support to public and private bodies, highlighting the links among all aspects to meet the needs of multiple actors. Trade unions, firms, local authorities, national and international institutions, organisations and associations acquire the necessary knowledge to fully understand their own context in order to make decisions and promote activism.

EStà works with cultural mediators, historians, sociologists, economists, environmental experts, geographers and cartographers to investigate each phenomenon in all its complexity and to provide decision makers with useful overviews.

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