Research project on innovative urban solutions through the connection between economy, territory and urban anthropology, financed by Fondazione Cariplo. EStà was responsible in particular for regeneration of one of the most important public food markets of the city of Milan. The Italian context is giving life to some interesting phenomena of spatial and product reorganization of municipal markets. From their original function of moderating prices and facilitating the matching of demand and supply, these particular facilities of the public city are increasingly diversifying themselves as practical tools for urban renovation, capable of improving the social relations among citizens, subjects of cultural promotion and local economic operators, often in the peripheral parts of the city. EStà in 2013 started with other local partner the demo-pilot developed in the public market hall of Lorenteggio, correspond to a possible spatial variation of these interactions, led by a logic of complementarity with the issues of learning, promoting a new food culture and improving the cooperation between public and private actors.